Top 10 Reasons to Choose SAP S/4HANA for Your Automotive Company

Top 10 Reasons to Choose SAP S/4HANA for Your Automotive Company

  • 95% Faster Material Requirement Planning.

SAP S/4HANA helps ensure timely delivery of products with live MRP that improves the effectiveness of planning with multiple daily runs that are 10 times faster. Take advantage of MRP cockpit that supports execution-based working model with simulation features and decision support.

  • Reduce Global Settlement Time by 10%.

SAP S/4HANA enhances the performance of your accounting and sales management tasks to allow for new business models. Central contract administration through a single point of entry for contract data and contract-related conditions as well as support for flexible condition contracts can reduce global settlement time by 10%.

  • Increase New Product Revenue by 10-20%.

Full visibility of downstream costs, new product lifecycle costing tool that enables weeding out of unprofitable product configuration, searchable development history that allows to increase reuse and decrease time and futile development efforts all contribute allows delivering product innovations resulting from actual vehicle use and based on vehicle data.

  • Reduce Procurement Costs by 15%.

Supply chain productivity can be increased by 15% with SAP S/4HANA by leveraging discount options on early payment, reducing worker acquisition time by one-third, and maximizing your inventory ordering and raw material tracking in real time.

  • Cut Total Manufacturing Costs by 10%

The efficiency of your manufacturing operations can be dramatically increased with real-time inventory management and material valuation, live MRP, ERP and planning functions in one system and one database. Combined with anywhere, any-device, role-based user experience that simplifies and enhances employee engagement and productivity, you can transform the way work gets done.

  • Reduce Capital Requirements by 35%.

 A live business with a single source of the truth allows you to transform your finance department by eliminating forecasting errors, reducing unnecessary capital requirements by 35%, and creating a 40% improvement in invoice processing productivity.

  •  Increase Customer Satisfaction by 20%.

Sales order fulfillment monitor, order to cash performance monitor, advanced ATP and flexible settlement management increase on-time delivery, the productivity of the rebate campaigns, efficiency and quality of customer interactions, leading to overall customer satisfaction.

  • Streamline Your Supply Chain by 12%.

SAP S/4HANA lets you integrate your entire supply chain and realize a 12% reduction in the number of days in inventory by 12%. This means a reduction in stock-outs, and a simplified landscape yielding a logistics cost savings of up to 10%.

  •  Explore New Business Models.

Get better insights into customer requirements, early warnings of emerging and changing market trends and enable the company to run live.

  • Attain Operational Excellence.

Adopt industries best practices specifically across core financial and management practices and save money.


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